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School Portrait Photography

Portraits Today Studios has a Mobile Photography wing that specializes in School Portrait Photography. Over the last few months our child care and school photography business has been steadily growing and we’re very pleased with that. We offer on-location photography done a little differently than some of the others and people seem to like that…even if it’s just for a little change.


Our first aim when you invite us in to your school or day care is to interrupt your normal daily schedule as little as possible. We know we are taking up space with our lights and our backgrounds and what not. So we’ll always work around you.

Our Picture Days are designed to run smoothly and be fun for the children while offering options to the parents. Pictures of their little angels always bring smiles to the parents’ faces. And when you have happy parents, you have happy children.:)Our staff has extensive experience working with large groups of children.  We know how to keep things moving and keep things organized.

We offer two different ordering methods.

  • Proofing – Our most popular method.  We come back a few days later with proofs that the parents can order from. You collect their order envelopes by pick-up day and then we pick up from you and deliver roughly 5-7 business days later.
  • Pre-Packaged Sales – We show up a week later after Picture Day with prints already made and ready to go of the little ones we photographed. This saves you the hassle of collecting the orders and allows the parents to actually see the prints they are buying…before they buy them.

Either method of ordering pictures is fine with us. It’s really whichever fits in best with what your day care parents have been used to and what is easier for you.

And we can have a little fun with things like Preschool Proms and parties of all kinds for your child care center. We can also bring a green screen to really get some photo fun going…

Check out this photo we took at a recent Preschool Prom here in Olathe. We photographed the kids on a green screen. Since the theme of the prom was tropical we then added the fun background to the original image to get a bigger smile from the parents. It was a huge hit!


If you would like to inquire about our mobile photography services or, more specifically, about our day care photography, please do not hesitate to call 913-782-7427.  If you are interested in sports photography just follow the link.

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