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Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography

Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography

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Portraits Today Studios’ Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography is the Greater Kansas City area’s best professional photography choice for individuals, teams, leagues and studios of all sizes and sports.  Our professionally trained photographic and customer service staff are second to none.  We take customer service very seriously.  In fact, we base our reputation on it.  We deliver fun, unique and ever changing products to our customers that are unmatched in both quality and choice.

Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography operates under the umbrella of Portraits Today Studios.  This means we can employ our staff year round and not have to hire seasonal staff that fumbles through your league.  We have our own professional photographic printer that allows us to maintain the quality and control over most of our orders while sending out for some specialty items from an equally professional sports photo lab here in the United States.

And lastly, we have the experience and customer service skills to make sure your photo day doesn’t come back negatively on you.

Call us today to inquire about our services or to book your Photo Day!  913.782.7427

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. And we’re serious about that.  Our studios are located in Olathe, Kansas.  We’re here six days a week and customers can always reach us during regular business hours.  Real people.  Not answering machines.  :)  Call us today to book your Sports Photo Day!!  913.782.7427

About PTS’ Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography

Sports photography in Kansas City leaves you with many, many choices.  There are the helpful parents that own a nice digital camera and have invested in a pretty good zoom lens.  There are the aspiring amateurs carving out their own niche.  And then there are the professional photographers.  Some pro photographers specialize in weddings.  Others in commercial photography.  And still others in sports.

Portraits Today Studios has it’s beginning in the photography of Chris Lengquist.  Chris made his name and his professional photography reputation in sports photography back east.  Photographing soccer leagues, baseball leagues, football leagues and yes, hockey and lacrosse leagues, Chris worked with league sizes from 50 to over 3,500.  During those formative years he learned how to organize, promote and run a smooth, successful photo day for sports leagues of all sizes.  Let him and his trained staff bring their expertise to you to help your league look it’s best on Photo Day here in the Kansas City area.

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Q: What sports does PTS Sports Photography photograph?
A: Pretty near everything.  Sports we have photographed in the past include, but are not limited to; soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, football, lacrosse, cheer leading, dance studios, dance competitions, karate and all forms of martial arts, bicycling, boxing, tennis, equestrian and even skateboarding.

Q: Are the sports photo days before the games, before practice or what?
A: Totally depends on your needs.  Some coaches like to have the players come before a practice in their best.  Some before games.  Dance instructors will often set aside some time just before or after their sessions.  And still other teams like to come in to the studios. It’s completely up to you.

Q: How do your prices compare to other sports photographers around the Kansas City area?
A: Competitive.  Very competitive.

Q: Do you travel outside of the Kansas City area?
A: Yes.  Of course it has to be profitable for both of us.  But it’s not unusual for us to drive a couple two or three hours to help out some sports leagues and dance studios in the middle of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma or Nebraska.

Q: What about rain-outs?
A: It’s hectic, but we can definitely restructure.

Q: Can you offer trophies?
A: We can and we do.

Q: Do you take action shots or just league shots?
A: We can do both!  And while action shots are great (Chris has had the opportunity to photograph many professional players over the years) you should ask about his “staged action” shots.  Fantastic!

Q: Can you capture jumps for dance and cheer?
A: Oh, yes.  And they look great.

Kansas City Sports and Dance Photography
Portraits Today Studios
12704 S Blackbob Road
Olathe, KS  66062

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