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Digital Photography Classes

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The photographers here at Portraits Today Studios are happy to offer Digital Photography Classes.  These digital photography classes vary in required equipment, investment of time  and, of course, costs.  We have photo workshops for photo enthusiasts of all skill levels and experience levels.  So whether you have a simple point and shoot camera or an entry level DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or a professional, high-end model camera you are sure to find a class for you.
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Go ahead.  Indulge your passion.


“The Basics” Photography Class - Class runs 2 hours and cost is $29.50.  This camera class is designed for the beginning shutterbugs out there that have great cameras but just need a little coaching on how to take the camera off Auto and get some great pictures of the kids, pets, husbands, etc.  Very hands on class appropriate for point and shoot as well as DSLR cameras.  Constructed to be a fun class with simple ways to take better pictures without getting all technical.

Space is limited to 11 participants per session.  No previous experience is necessary.

“I LOVED the Mom’s camera class. I learned many things and picked up lots of useful tips. I’m looking forward to playing with my camera outside this spring, and taking lots of pictures of my kids. Thank you so much!”  :)
- Ali A.

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Mastering Your Camera - Two session class.  2  hours on a Wednesday or Thursday followed by 2 1/2  hours on a Saturday.  Cost is $155.  This camera class starts to get a little more in depth for the photo enthusiast ready to get serious about their hobby.  Designed more for the DSLR owner.  In depth discussions and hands on experience with your DSLR camera.  Topics included are using your camera’s different light metering settings, shutter speed and the effect your f-stop has on pictures.  We’ll also discuss image capture settings such as the differences and advantages/trade-offs of RAW and JPEG.  We’ll even arrange for a child model and, weather permitting, make a short field trip to a local playground.

Space is limited to 8 participants per session.  Some basic understanding of your camera and a DSLR are highly advised.  (Or a very advanced point and shoot camera such as the Canon Powershot G12 or the Nikon COOLPIX P7000.)

Private TutoringChris is available for private photography lessons.  Call to discuss needs and goals.  Then we’ll schedule a time at your convenience and get started.  $79/hr.  You name the time and place. Topics for private tutoring can include;

  • The basics of how to use the camera.
  • What equipment to buy.
  • How to use a flash.
  • How to use off camera or studio lighting.
  • Sports photography basics.
  • Advanced sports photography.
  • How to start a profitable photography business.


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