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Adoption.  A HUGE decision.  Marie and I, co-owners of Portraits Today Studios, have adopted two of our four children.  Adoption is rewarding, challenging, heart-wrenching and yet, so fulfilling.  So worth it.  All the smiles.  All the tears.  Everything.

One of the first things we learned as prospective adopted parents was that we needed to find a way to welcome the children into our homes and to help them bond with us.  (Now, it should be said that we adopted children that were 5 and 8.  Not newborns.)  One way to do that is to let them pick out their dinners.  Another way is to let them decorate their rooms.

And yet another way is to put pictures up around the house that include them.  That’s where Portraits Today Studios can help.

As of April 20, 2010 Portraits Today Studios will give one set of family photos to any family that has a new adoption.   We’ll consider a new adoption as an adoption that has taken place in the last 90 days.   You’ll receive any portrait selection we offer with a value of up to $100.

Of course, we do reserve the right to verify the adoption.  Sadly, we have to put that in there to protect ourselves.  But that’s fairly easy to do.

We WANT to help you welcome these new children into your home, whether they are newborns or older children.  Give us a call so we can be ready when the adoption happens.

Oh, and congratulations. :)

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Marie and I adopted through the State of Oklahoma.  There are many, many choices when it comes to adoption.  See the link below for a place to start here in the Kansas City area.  (Not an endorsement.  Rather, a place to start.)  Also see the Dave Thomas Foundation link.  There was a great man who has changed countless lives.


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